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The Las Palomas Apartment Spanish Speaking Staff

Discover the Las Palomas Apartment Spanish speaking staff. If you are Spanish speaking, you will not find it difficult to ask questions or seek answers about your being a resident of Las Palomas Apartment. If you are applying for residency in an apartment, our staff can be of great help in the selection of the apartment of your choice.

Hablamos Espanol! “We speak Spanish,” and as management has said, you won’t be disappointed. Spanish is the lingua franca in New Mexico second to English. The Las Palomas Apartment Spanish speaking staff would be more than willing to translate from Spanish to English anything that you might want to ask about the apartment and its amenities, or about the neighborhood.

If you’re coming from outside New Mexico and you speak Spanish, you will find our experienced and friendly Las Palomas Apartment Spanish speaking staff helpful in facilitating your entry into the Las Palomas Apartment.

Experience the easy access touring the neighborhood in Santa Fe through our Las Palomas Apartment Spanish Speaking Staff who can guide you in finding the best locations and landmarks for your enjoyment during your short or long-term stay in the Las Palomas apartments.

On the outskirts of Santa Fe, you can find large areas of housing communities and villages south of the Las Palomas Apartment. These areas consist of large scale active communities of people who are mostly Spanish speaking. You can explore fully your immediate and distant neighborhood down south. Up north is downtown Santa Fe where more Spanish-speaking peoples are found and where the Las Palomas Apartment Spanish Speaking Staff can explain to you the nature and culture of New Mexico.

Within your immediate vicinity there are restaurants that offer Mexican food, and our experienced and friendly Las Palomas Apartment Spanish Speaking Staff can point out the locations of these restaurants for you.

The Las Palomas Apartment is one of the premiere residential home apartment systems in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There are ten large clusters of built apartment complexes sprawled on the wide Las Palomas site from the corner of St. Michael’s Drive and Llano Street to Hopewell Street and 6th Street on the north side. Each built apartment complex has wide and ample parking spaces so that parking is close to the apartments.

We can schedule a private tour for you to find your new apartment at Las Palomas 2001 Hopewell Street, Santa Fe, NM 87505. Call now at (505) 984-8887. You can also come directly to our office and meet our experienced and friendly staff. We are open 24/7 from Monday to Sunday. You can visit our website and leave a message there at